【Good news】 Mario RPG remake, foreigners go crazy.


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0001Regulus (Kanagawa Prefecture)[kr]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:23:12.72ID:BJUSrjXY0
LIVE CROWD REACTION to Super Mario RPG Remake Reveal at NINTENDO NY 6/21/23

The Internet Reacts to Super Mario RPG Remake Reveal


0004 Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Object (SB-iPhone) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:24:17.67ID:JMHy8cPo0
SQUARE, right?
Never done it before.

0008 Presepe Cluster (mushrooms) [CN]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:25:00.48ID:duO5+Sa80
Different colors, but ultimately a remake business

0005 spica(light) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:24:31.50ID:MrVCChWn0
Gino is weirdly popular…

0006 Space constant (Tokyo) [JP]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:24:48.61ID:xd/vIlON0
Is there a remake of Chrono Trigger yet?  (・∀・ )っ/凵⌒☆チンチン

0007 Juno [Nida]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:24:53.72ID:2lJ5Y1Ww0
I’m not sure about FF16.

0010 Rigel (mushroom) [Nida]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:26:06.68ID:TxNBeZYf0
I loved this as a kid, but it never got a sequel after all.
If this is true, I’ll pre-order it.

0019 Callisto (Tokyo) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:31:21.94ID:ZSrL9cD30
Nintendo has started to release Mario and Luigi RPG or something like that.

0011 Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Object (Aichi Prefecture) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:26:38.44ID:hjJkOrbX0
It takes a lot of money and time to make new titles these days,
They can’t do without remake business in between.
Also, the generation playing games is getting older,
more and more people are buying remakes.

0012 Titan (Tokushima Prefecture) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:27:13.24ID:mTwiw9se0
Square stock bombing?

0014mimas(mushroom) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:28:29.38ID:XCNHrRkh0
Isn’t Princess Peach black?

0026 Sublingual Nebula (Tottori Prefecture) [MX]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:41:57.23ID:fNjDrRKI0
It’s so easy when Nintendo is involved, isn’t it, Square Enix?
Any word on the DQ3 remake yet?

0027Grease581c(light) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:43:46.35ID:zyZEVdua0
How did it become such a big title when it’s just a game about running from left to right?
I’m so excited.

0028Rare (Hyogo Prefecture) [GB]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:46:23.02ID:gaGgqI+c0
Includes a coupon for a 4,000 yen discount on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System!

0030Rare (Tochigi Prefecture) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:47:30.26ID:S4ZEsjyS0
I still remember the excitement of the FF4 Four Heavenly Kings BGM during the boss battle.

0032Neptune(Zipangu) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:49:06.29ID:Ss6RTEob0
If there is a remake, can we expect a sequel? In terms of co-production rights

0033 Titania (Light) [JP]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:49:09.43ID:x3HV4AxZ0
If it’s that volume, it’ll be over soon if you don’t add a few extra elements.

0034 black body radiation (mushroom) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:49:49.86ID:37d3zYob0
100 consecutive jumps…

0035 Eta Carina (light) [FR]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:52:43.07ID:i3ssaRLf0
I think it’s the one that was on the SNES.
I had it on my SNES mini, but it was boring and I stopped playing it right away.
It’s hard to play the SNES era software now.

0036Red Supergiant Star (Tokyo) [DK]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:54:45.21ID:UWDe7WTM0
This is the kind of overreaction that is unique to distributors.
Normal people just bounce around like Mario and that’s it.

0038Brown Dwarf (Tokyo) [DE]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 12:58:56.74ID:/SmdS+YR0
Nintendo and Square should take LGBT and poly-college into consideration.

0044 Ganymede (Tokyo, Japan) [BR] 2023/06/23(Fri) 13:05:36.88ID:nmvhSmIx0
I know they have some of the rights, but it’s not like SQUARE ENIX is producing this time around.
I don’t think there are any staff left from back then to begin with.

0046 Cloud of Oort (Tokyo) [CA]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 13:10:42.87ID:xofSIdYP0
I’m glad the battle system is still the same.

0052Betelgeuse (Mie Prefecture) [FR]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 13:18:13.45ID:mREGeaFJ0
I think only Peach’s modeling is terrible, isn’t it?

0060 Cat’s Eye Nebula (Osaka) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 13:40:01.57ID:cGoge7JD0
I couldn’t think of Bowser as a villain for a few years after I did this.

0065Castle(Aichi) [Nida]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 14:01:42.50ID:G1ZEZbcK0
I hear the remake Yoko Shimomura is going to arrange all the songs.

Yoko Shimomura is a Japanese composer and arranger.

She is mainly known for composing game music. Her works include “Street Fighter II,” “Super Mario RPG,” “Mario & Luigi RPG,” “Kingdom Hearts,” and “Final Fantasy XV.

0074 Eta Carina (Hyogo) [US]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 16:05:06.23ID:HbXmm1O/0
This and the Star Ocean remake got me excited.
I haven’t even finished the World Tree remake and Baten Kaitos is coming out.
I’m running out of time.

0087 Polaris (Tokyo) [AU]. 2023/06/23(Fri) 18:01:34.06ID:BQhww2DB0
The remake I’d most like to see released is Kirby’s Air Ride.
I mean, just release it as soon as possible, even if it’s just a solid port like Mario’s 3D Collection.

0097 Altair (Osaka) [BE] 2023/06/23(Fri) 23:00:15.59ID:pyGVBegq0
But still, you’re good at business.
Mario movie is a blockbuster hit that will rewrite the history of world cinema.

The best thing about the timing is that kids are paying attention, and it will lead to the sales of the content 10 to 20 years from now.

0101 Bernard Loop (Saitama Prefecture) [DE]. 2023/06/26(Mon) 08:01:11.91ID:PIewauWH0
I’m Japanese, and I’m not interested.

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