【Sad news】 FF16’s last boss battle is garbage at the lowest level in the series.


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0001 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:12:30.84ID:oQoMeJwqa
The look, the direction, the scale, the development.
Everything is so garbage, there’s not even grass.
Sukueni(SQUARE ENIX)’s sense of style that they can make such a thing as a rath boss is completely finished.


0003 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:14:26.36ID:bIFSC0mZ0
1st form

Final form

The final form is just a mask that changes color a little.
This is the end of the game with this kind of person as the last boss.

0013 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:17:57.45ID:J1QSWTIH0
If you’re going to transform from a godly-looking humanoid into a horrifying giant monster, make it a horrifying giant monster.
Don’t throw away the high road just because you don’t like to goof up.

0143 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:58:44.17 ID:Z8iyTChr0
Is it a different colored Pokemon?

0008 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:16:18.56ID:njE8mpDk0
If you don’t want to know, don’t look at it, it’ll just make you hit the ◽︎ button at the end.

0012 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:17:19.61ID:bIFSC0mZ0

The hell that the tome is a series of QTEs with the hero hitting him with a regular fist and a facial close-up.
99999999 damage wwww

0014 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:17:57.67ID:iXYsPf89a
This is really lame.

0015 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:18:34.11ID:Jai4VGe60
The lowest level in the series is not limited to the last boss, so it’s safe.

0019 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:19:51.06ID:1Q0qn5oY0

 ■■■   ■■■   ■■■   ■■■   ■■■   ■■■  
■■  ■ ■■  ■ ■■  ■ ■■  ■ ■■  ■ ■■  ■ 
■■  ■ ■■  ■ ■■  ■ ■■  ■ ■■  ■ ■■  ■ 
 ■■■■  ■■■■  ■■■■  ■■■■  ■■■■  ■■■■ 
    ■     ■     ■     ■     ■     ■ 
   ■■    ■■    ■■    ■■    ■■    ■■ 
 ■■■   ■■■   ■■■   ■■■   ■■■   ■■■  

      /!/{  / ヾ–r
   _  /     ̄    <_
 _>`´       ___ <_
  >    r‐'” ̄ ̄ ノ ̄ ̄`ヽ、―ニ 二
/ ,    |  `ヽ/ ´`ヽ _  三,:三ー二
 ̄/    |   ノヽ–/ ̄ ,    ` ̄ ̄ ̄
 / /⌒ヽ,|  ミ }  …|  /!
 レ l d     _}`ー‐し’ゝL _
  | ヽ、_,   _,:ヘr–‐‐’´}    ;ー——
  |/|  \   ノ`ヾ:::-‐’ーr‐'”==-
    ヽ/l/|` ー——r‐'”    ̄ ̄
      |└– 、__/`\-:、
     __,ゝ,,_____/ \_」 \

0022 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:20:36.66ID:7uhd8esGp
It’s like the hottest reach in pachinko.


Pachinko is a kind of arcade game that can be played in Japan, where all but public gambling is prohibited.
Many popular anime and video games are turned into pachinko, which is fun, but also destructive to many people’s lives, and its darkness runs deep.

0027 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:22:53.29ID:j5TbUvGi0
Jojo reference?

0029 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:24:06.07ID:2oP3bqZRd
I’m sure there will be a lot of people this weekend who, after clearing the game, will quietly take the disc out and head to GEO.


GEO is a famous used game store in Japan.

0038 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:30:27.00ID:jlSutTJT0
Even FF13, which had a lot going for it, ended on a solid note with Lightning Returns.

0041 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:31:39.87ID:VJak5W+Q0×360/2d2mksuNBpBQD_GX.mp4

Here’s a video of the final blow.
Oh my god, it looks like a gag w

0046 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22 (Thu) 23:33:02.69 ID:iXYsPf89a
It’s worse when it moves.

0047 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:33:43.47 ID:svWAh0de0
Too much garbage and no grass.
What is this?
Did you really think that this is the best last boss performance?


No grass is the internet term for no fun.

0051 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:35:26.47 ID:KPcqWbka0
Did the staff at Sukueni(Square Enix) think this was cool and make it?
It gives me a headache.

0084 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:42:39.59 ID:weslAZRv0
It’s even worse than I expected.

0429 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/23(Fri) 06:12:35.19 ID:AjIwMruJM
It’s over!
click click click click click click click click

0447 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/23(Fri) 06:28:23.96 ID:om9Y6wEe0
It looks like Shonen Jump.

0613 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/23(Fri) 08:37:20.81 ID:ROVzB0cUM
No, seriously, this one doesn’t have it.

0048 No names, desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:34:04.67ID:DVcX3iAj0
Kirby was awesome in the most recent last boss fight.
Why can’t we do that one?

0049 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:34:09.80ID:njE8mpDk0
You were appealing the summoner’s fight, but the last one is not a summoner’s fight.

0111 No Name Desperate.2023/06/22(Thu) 23:50:41.15ID:NLPzY3gz0
Since you were pushing for a summoner battle, wouldn’t it have been better to summon a god of the demon world and hit him in a flashy way like in Bayonetta?

0120 No Name Desperate. 2023/06/22(Thu) 23:53:05.05ID:svWAh0de0

Where’s the sense of style these days?
Give me back those days when FF’s last boss was the best production.

0135 No name desperate.
2023/06/22(Thu) 23:57:18.03ID:NLPzY3gz0
These are all Nomura designs.
Nomura has a better sense when he draws monsters than people.


Tetsuya Nomura is a designer at Square Enix. He is a Japanese game creator, illustrator and animation director.

0136 No Name Desperate.
2023/06/22(Thu) 23:57:24.89ID:9AqsAiJP0

Square’s dotters were gods in those days…

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