Ryza’s Atelier Official, makes the thighs bigger again.



The Atelier Series is a Japanese computer RPG series based on “alchemy” published by Koei Tecmo Games’ Gust brand (formerly Gust Co., Ltd.) As of 2020, the series has sold over 5 million units.

The series is so called because the word “Atelier” is included in the name of almost all of the titles.

Ryza’s Atelier -The Queen of Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout- was developed by Gust Nagano Development Department and released by Koei Tecmo Games. It is part of the Atelier series.

It is multiplatform for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC (distributed on Steam), with the Switch and PS4 versions released on September 26, 2019.

An anime adaptation was announced in March 2023 and is scheduled to begin airing on July 1 of the same year.

Note Liza’s thighs, which are getting thicker as the series progresses!

5Chan Reactions

1: no name 2023/06/19(Mon) 06:21:11.99 ID:hHDauaqn0
Official illustration to commemorate the animation



3: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon.) 06:22:20.53 ID:fDKrbhZj0
Boneless ham, isn’t it?

4: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon.) 06:22:21.67 ID:G16+Jmdt0

After Ryza, it’s obvious that the thighs of the painter community have gotten bigger.

6: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon) 06:23:59.47 ID:5w/5T/kJ0

This is an erotic manga

7: no name 2023/06/19(Mon) 06:24:13.69 ID:NbeZWSWPM

I’m not sure if this hit is getting people interested in Atelier before Ryza?

8: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon) 06:24:52.68 ID:B136udfJ0

thighs like jonathan joe star

9: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon) 06:24:58.60 ID:0yWUEVlk0

This is just fat.

10: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon.) 06:25:33.62 ID:s7pnxwkU0

This is the kind of thing I’m talking about.

12: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon) 06:27:02.52 ID:pvK4qfQdd

Looks like an AI illustration.

14: no name 2023/06/19(Mon) 06:28:56.40 ID:OaR3BPsZr

The anime is a mockery.
It’s too specialized for weak men and it’s too obvious.

73: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon.) 07:17:43.36 ID:w2i3ndo50

I don’t think it’s such a story if it’s the same as the game’s story, though.

16: no name 2023/06/19(Mon) 06:33:12.13 ID:PY+wkZ1c0

Ryza 3 was soooo sluggish.
Sophie 2 was a god work, so the drop off was terrible.

18: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon) 06:34:11.63 ID:PXXy5Y820

I think it’s impossible to animate with Liza’s story in the first place.
So it’s an anime that goes completely for erotica.

19: no name 2023/06/19(Mon) 06:36:30.30 ID:UyRXvrer0

A mysterious game that has been released quite recently but no one has talked about its contents.

23: no name 2023/06/19(Mon) 06:39:01.58 ID:ehvth+3I0
This is already a bicycle racer, isn’t it?

32: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon) 06:47:13.80 ID:PY+wkZ1c0

The relationship between Ryza and Claudia is pretty messed up.
In the first episode, they were best friends, and in the second episode, they even developed a serious lesbian crush, but in the third episode, they’ve cooled off and become just friends.
I guess that’s what happens when you change the scripts.

46: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon) 06:58:55.75 ID:li5wrkHt0

I think I’m going to get to about Ryza 6.

57: no name 2023/06/19(Mon) 07:05:50.90 ID:PY+wkZ1c0

Ryza 3 has very few moe elements.
The hot spring scene ends up being a bit bland.

65: no name 2023/06/19 (Mon.) 07:13:08.33 ID:w0Ng5Ka3a


I was going crazy with all the couples being born all over the place

88: no name 2023/06/19(Mon) 07:34:09.75 ID:8LeVCYUm0
This is a PV for an animation.

92: no name 2023/06/19(Mon) 07:36:19.48 ID:bshVivhTr


I thought the thumbnail was an ass.

89: no name 2023/06/19(Mon) 07:34:14.28ID:PY+wkZ1c0

Metascore is abnormally high, and I guess all of them are satisfied with their purchases.

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